ART BODY STORE (Shapes) (Part 1)

Shape has always been a complicated subject .. Good for me, I spent almost two years dissatisfied with mine, however much I just got something I liked him! Until that about a year vick presented me with one of his creations, it was love at first sight, since then I use this shape I’m in love with him, I made some modifications, the more I am completely satisfied with it. I found it cool to post about this because many people ask me after I started the blog where is my shape, this is the place \ o / Finally I decided to post a variety of shapes it, after all they are all very beautiful and I do not think so just post some Then there’s a lot .. I divided this post into three parts for you to see so calmly each .. this is the first part! Enjoy!



[LAP] Diesel Works Poses & Animations


One Comment to “ART BODY STORE (Shapes) (Part 1)”

  1. Tuas produções ficaram lindas! Obrigada pelo carinho 😉

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