aDIVA Couture

First, sorry for the quality of the photos, my monitor and I’m spoiled with that the resolution is of poor quality, then the photos were not as good as I want anymore anyways .. what counts is the intension is not it?

According .. I always liked to change, ever … They always add something .. and analyzing my blog I decided I want to make some changes, nothing too extreme, light things slowly is that I always prefer the gap at all and would be different because here ..

More aDIVA Couture clothing store, I’m almost always the creations of AnneJoy posting, I have a special affection for this store and she, who is a person so lovely, and the affection with which she produces every piece, seeking the smallest details, is an example of very creative out there…

More blabbla arrives and we to the point right?

aDIVA Couture – Main Store –


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