Emergency Aid (UNICEF) Project by Truth Hawks

I read this post and I found this very interesting initiative! I’m passing the word …Let us all work together!

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I beg and urgently invited to participate in this wonderful fundraising project with UNICEF to help people in the floods in Pakistan.

Designers, Bloggers and all the people in SL –> You can Bring your grain of sand.

Truth is asking for designers to put an item out with part of the profits (any percentage) going to the charity. (Vendors provided upon request). The period of time will be from the 4th to the 19th of September 2010. These items do not need to be new, although exclusive, exisiting, discounted, any items you are willing to offer will be welcomed! Please note that if your item is set up at the sim venue your mainstore lm should be included in the item, and your logo or brand name should be on the advert as seperate prims for lm dispensers will not be permitted at the venue.

Truth believes passionately in UNICEFs immediate response to each individual world crisis, and would love for you to join this campaign to raise money. He personally will be donating 100% profits of a hairstyle, and then doubling whatever money he raises with that hairstyle towards the cause. Truth is offering a sim venue for people to sell their items but encourages them to sell them in their mainstores also.  The account that will collect the proceeds is Unicef Rainfall and Truth is willing to provide full records of transaction to the charity if necessary after the event.

Please feel free to contact one of us if you would like to be involved.



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