The Seasons Hunt

The Seasons Hunt!!

September 25th-October 9th

All vendors will hide a leaf in their store.  Inside of this leaf, will be an item that is fall related.  Store owners will hide the items however they would like to.   The stores are not linked to each other so you will simply follow the list however you would like.

For updates you can read them via blog:

Or you may join the group inworld.  It will be a very unmoderated group.  Just a group for people to help each other find items.

Please look for the group:  The Seasons Hunt(ers) Group.

I particularly enjoyed the hunt, the hunt items are of high quality and best renowned and reputable shops only, do not miss the chase, I have not posted all items, only some, there are many things lol!

Soooo… Enjoy..

Hair: Clawtooth: One Fine Day  (The Seasons Hunt)

Shirt: Willow (The Seasons Hunt)

Skin: LAQ ~ Nellie [Fair] Glow skin (Non Free)

Hair: *eha~ Aki  (The Seasons Hunt) (Ps:It comes in shades of blonde, I modified a bit and darkened the color.)

Shirt: *FIR* & *MNA* (MHOH)

Jacket: *FIR* & *MNA* (The Seasons Hunt)

Skirt: Whippet & Buck -Drew Mini-Skirt- (The Seasons Hunt)

Legs: Twosome – Harvest Tights (The Seasons Hunt)

Outfit Complete: 44 Caliber Collaboration- Djinn & Tonic  Faun (The Seasons Hunt)

Hair: Tiny Bird – Have You Forgotten – Rich Brown (The Seasons Hunt)

Shirt and Sweater : {SMS} (The Seasons Hunt)

Skirt: +mocha+  –  Fallen Acorn Mini (The Seasons Hunt)

Leggins: Twosome – Harvest Tights (The Seasons Hunt)

Shoes: ::Duh!:: Women’s Deck Shoes Fall Plaid (The Seasons Hunt)

Hair: Tiny Bird – Black Sheep Boy (2) – Rich Brown  (The Seasons Hunt)

Babydoll + Polkadot Tee:(fd): (The Seasons Hunt)

Scarf*mijnt* shop – AUTUMN (The Seasons Hunt)

Legs: Twosome – Harvest Tights (The Seasons Hunt)

Mouth and Handbag: duboo.artist girl’s tartan set (The Seasons Hunt)

Hugss and cheeeers 😉


One Comment to “The Seasons Hunt”

  1. Lovely styling and photography, thank you!

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