Phoenix Firestorm Viewer

Ohai lovers!

I’ve been seeing enough news about it and came to share with you ..
For users of the Phoenix, The Phoenix published the pre-alpha version of their viewer “Firestorm Viewer” Snowstorm based on code in that week. Below is a brief explanation about this project ..
Currently we have the viewer from Phoenix, this viewer is based on code-based LL Snowglobe. This is the viewer of users currently. The Firestorm Viewer has all the features of two LL viewer has, the more resources will be moving from Phoenix Viewer for him. Thus, users can get the best of both worlds. Moving V2 codebase is a necessity because of the inevitability that 1.23 and snowglobe base viewers will no longer work in a not so distant future, including Phoenix. The main focus will be to Firestorm with somebig changes to the user interface in hopes of making it familiar to users as possible. will not be possible to make it exactly like the interface of Phoenix, but Faramir to make the best look and work closely to what you are accustomed too.

For more information between the group the group Phoenix-Firestorm Preview Group” which has enough information about this news.

Is already available a Download viewer..
More before you download it is important that you watch this explanatory video on the viewer .. Here
Release notes are here.. please read them!
Downloads the pre-alpha version:



Enjoy xoxo 🙂


3 Comentários to “Phoenix Firestorm Viewer”

  1. Thank you so much for this, have been looking for the link for ages. 🙂

  2. Thank you very much… xoxo<3

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