Vista has recently launched an AO is different from that used to launch the AO chica boom, poses with one hot and sexy and different and cool.
Below is a description of the AO ..

We are really proud to present you this completely new motion capture AO. The most “torrid” AO we have ever made, and possibly the most existing one.

I must recognize it was so funny the capture session! We made it in a balanced combination of relaxed, sensual and hot stands, and giving you also the chance
to select different attitudes using LOAD button. A total of 22 stands, that means 11 minutes of continued fluid motion with perfect transitions. Also with new
walks, with more hips movement than ever and new sits and grounds that will make you the hottest and wildest avatar in SL.

The AO is assembled on the newest Vista HUD with lots of new features like force arms, dances, face expressions, typing overrides….”

Best description is an image, right? Watch YouTube video:




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