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28 de junho de 2011

News In Diva Store!

More releases three shapes in the  Diva Store ! Two female and one male shapes! Go get yours!





Gooo Diva Store!



28 de junho de 2011

Lotus Flower


 ♪♫Slowly we unfurl
As lotus flowers
And all I want is the moon upon a stick
Just to see what it is
Just to see what it is

Take the lotus flowers into my room
Slowly we unfurl
As lotus flowers ♪♫





Skin: grupo gift  [Al Vulo!] – [ pollon snuggle group gift ]

Hair:>TRUTH <Jacqueline 


Shirt:  d. Select  Tops cotton lace shirt white (NEW)


Necklace1:[bellballs] Zeebra Disc Set- Exclusive Gift – FREE

Necklace2: [MANDALA] Pearl Rain Necklace/Silver

Bracelets, rings and nails: [MANDALA]TAKARA BANGLE white/and nails

Belt:  ~Pepper~  Embrace Belt (NEW)

Glasses:  Alphavillain – Mathletics Glasses

Tie:  ~Pepper~   Unicolor Tie


Poses: *EverGlow*

Listening:Radiohead – Lotus Flower




27 de junho de 2011




Time to shopping!
Run ladies, Ricielli is 50% off and its for a limited time! Until 06/27!
Includes Shoes, Clothes, Skins, Shapes, Poses… Everything.

Goo Now

23 de junho de 2011

Cold Part


♪♫ So long to this cold, cold part of the world
So long to this cold, cold part of the world
So long to this bone bleached part of the world
So long to this cold, cold part of the world
So long to this salt soaked part of the world
Can’t blame me, don’t blame me, don’t
So long to this sad, sad part of the world
So long, So long ♪♫





Skin: [PXL] Kasumi NAT PinkLips

Hair: [e] Fresh – Midnight Blacks

Necklace, earrings and ring: (Kunglers Extra) Anemona – rainbow (NEW)

Jacket:  d. Select  Tops bavaria girl jacket brown tweed (NEW)

Shirt:: tram  -Frill Halter Top [beige] (NEW)

Skirt: d. Select Skirts long hippie skirt creme (NEW)

Braceletes:MONS / Bangle Series (NEW)

Listening:Modest Mouse\’s \”Cold Part of the World\”


20 de junho de 2011


♪♫ You’re asking me will my love grow

I don’t know, I don’t know

You stick around now it may show

I don’t know, I don’t know ♪♫






Skin:MONS  / jita3 Skin – pink lips (NEW)

Hair:  booN hair main store ZGO223 hair black

Earrings: MONS/ Feather Earring Blue (NEW)

Necklace: Izzie’s Mainstore  – Pearl Necklace natural

Shirt::The Secret Store  Ribbon Tank – Red Stripes (NEW)

Pants::The Secret Store  Funky flared pants – Teal (NEW)

Bag: *COCO* _Gift_Pochette (Free)

Gloves: :The Secret Store  Fine gloves – Cherry – (NEW)

Shoes: .:Periquita Funny Girl Flats:.

Poses: ::~Juxtapose~::  (NEW)

Listening: The Beatles – Something



19 de junho de 2011

I feel my heart start beating to my favourite song..

♪♫ I turn the music up, I got my records on
I shut the world outside until the lights come on
Maybe the streets alight, Maybe the trees are gone
I feel my heart start beating to my favourite song ♪♫





Skin: RICIELLI Skins AYLA Skin Pale (NEW)

Hair: :>TRUTH < Astrid (NEW)

Cardigan:The Secret Store The Darling cardigan  (NEW) 



Shirt: :The Secret Store The Ribbon tanks  (NEW) 


Skirt: :The Secret Store Cherie’s flared skirt  (NEW) 

Gloves: :The Secret Store The Fines gloves  (NEW) 

Shoes and socks: N-core CARESSE  

Poses: RICIELLI Main Store    

Listening: every teardrop is a waterfall

16 de junho de 2011

Stay with me… Let’s just breathe…

♪♫ Yes, I understand that every life must end, uh-huh
As we sit alone, I know someday we must go, uh-huh
Oh I’m a lucky man, to count on both hands the ones I love
Some folks just have one, yeah, others, they’ve got none
Stay with me…
Let’s just breathe… ♪♫

Skin: [CheerNo Femme] Skins Emilia Light (NEW)

Hair: :>TRUTH < Denise

Earrings: :MONS  / Ride Earring for Rightear (NEW)

Shirt:: tram  -Frill Halter Top [beige] (NEW)

Shorts: ][AV][ jeans short blue Group Gift june 

Pants: !Koketka store_Mango jeans_v3 (NEW)

Bracelets:  Izzie’s Mainstore – Bangles gold brown 

Shoes: Mstyle RIVEA Pumps . (NEW) 

Poses: Diesel Works Julie (NEW) 

Bag:The Secret Store – Girly briefcase

Ring: [AddiCt] Chocolate Ring (Copper1)

Belt:  ~Pepper~  Embrace Belt (NEW)

Hands: SLink De Jolie Mains Hands Relaxed

Listening: Just Breathe – Pearl Jam

14 de junho de 2011

You are free to love

 ♪♫You are free to love 
Happily received 
You are free to love 
If that is all you need 

You are free to love 
Happily received 
You are free to love 
Delete and rewrite me ♪♫

Skin: {essences} Sarah

Hair: Action Womens Hair Amy (NEW)

Bow: (TokiD) Seasons Hunt 

Jacket: Mon Tissu – Porter Jean Jacket

Necklace: KOSH The Key

Shirt: part of Mon Tissu – Crossroads Maxi Dress

Pants: tram -Border Pants [PINK] (NEW) 

Bracelets:N1CO Jewels Pink

Shoes: Mstyle RIVEA Pumps . (NEW) 

Poses: Diesel Works Julie (NEW) 

Listening:Rewrite – Sia –

11 de junho de 2011

Never meant to go I’m only gone inside my own..












♪♫I never meant to go
I never meant to fall but I’m only gone
I never meant to go I’m only gone inside my own
Some day I’ll wake you
Some times I’ll wait for myself
Some day I’ll hold you through♪♫



Skin: Natural Beauty-Monica-pale 

Hair: ::::Fab-U-Lous::::Tyra  (Black )


Shirt:*Fishy Strawberry* Revolutionary Tees – Beige

Pants: *TuttiFrutti* Silver Surfer Low Jeans for CH1C Birthday

Necklace:[[SHADE THRONE]] 

Earrings: MONS

Belt: ~Pepper~ 


Shoes: N-core TRIBUTE 

Bracelets:N1CO Jewels Black

Listening:Elsiane – Mend

8 de junho de 2011

Sunny days… Where have you gone?

♪♫Sunny days
Where have you gone?
I get the strangest feeling you belong
Why does it always rain on me?
Is it because I lied when I was seventeen?
Even when the sun is shining
I can’t avoid the lightning
Oh, where did the blue skies go?
And why is it raining so?
It’s so cold
Why does it always rain on me?
Why does it always rain on….♪♫




Skin:MONS / Jita2 NEW

Hair:*Dura*  NEW

Necklace and bracelets:  (Kunglers Extra) Crisalida

Dress: *COCO* Summery Dress (Floral) NEW

Listening: Travis – Why Does It Always Rain On Me

Poses: Diesel Works

















3 de junho de 2011

Have I found you?


♪♫ Have I found you?
Flightless bird, grounded,weeping..♪♫







Skin: [Al Vulo! Skin] Elena Pale (NEW)

Hair:booN YNO421 hair booN hair main store

Necklace: Pearl Necklace Izzie’s Mainstore (NEW)

Glasses: Alphavillain – Samuel Glasses  (NEW)

Hands: SLink De Jolie Mains Hands Relaxed

Shirt: 😦 * oyakin )*dot-tunic(momiji )

Pants: tram -Border Pants [PINK] (NEW) 

Bracelets:Glamorize just bangles 

Socks: Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks

Shoes: .:Periquita Funny Girl Flats:.

Bag:!1mm*** choco bag – 1 L

Poses: Izzie’s Mainstore (NEW)



3 de junho de 2011



We are really proud to present you this completely new motion capture AO. An Ao full of strong attitude and with our new advance the breathing effect on the 
mocap animations to give more realism than ever before. An Ao with sexy poses & moves but not in a flirty attitude.

Let me try to explain the attitude: “I am sexy, you want me, but if you touch me, I will kill you!” (more or less xDD)

The AO is assembled on the newest Vista HUD with lots of new features like force arms, dances, face expressions, typing overrides….

(See description below)

Best description is an image, right? Watch YouTube video: 


Animations included: 

*-16 Mocap breathing stands 
*-7 walk animations 
*-1 Crouch and 1 crouch walk 
*-1 Pre jump, 4 jump, 1 landing, hard landing. 
*- flight, flight slow, up, down, fall, and 4 hovers 
*-3 ground sits and 4 sits (one of them stands up and sit again) 
*-Dive and float anims 
*-3 typing animation, (mocap talking animation) 
*-Lots of arms animations available from force arms menu 
*-6 dances preloaded

Go Marketplace or See item in Second Life


2 de junho de 2011

I was afraid to be alone…

♪♫Like a kite that floats so effortlessly
I was afraid to be alone
Now im scared thats how id like to be
All these faces none the same
How can there be so many personalities
So many lifeless empty hands
So many hearts in great demand
And now my sorrow seems so far away
Until i’m taken by these bolts of pain
But i turn them off and tuck them away
till these rainy days that make them stay
And then i’ll cry so hard to these sad songs♪♫








Skin: [Al Vulo! Skin] Elena Pale (NEW)

Hair:>TRUTH  Cecilia – BUY ONLINE

Eyes: -Sorry.Asia-

Shirt: (r)M ~ Leather Dress (No.01) (NEW)

Vest: [Cynful] MelJo – Yellow (NEW)

Choker: ~Pepper~ Choker – Signs – (NEW)

Necklace:  ~Pepper~ (Zombiepopcorn ) FREE

Mouth: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Collection :: LING LING :: (NEW)

Bracelet1:  MIEL past FLF

Bracelet2: (NS) Rock’n’Rolla Wrist Strap

Bracelet3:  .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Bracelet  NOSTALGIA ~Black~

Pants: [NV] UFF PANTS Black

Belt:  ~Pepper~  Embrace Belt (NEW)


Poses: Tea.

Listening: Azure Ray – November

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