We are really proud to present you this completely new motion capture AO. An Ao full of strong attitude and with our new advance the breathing effect on the 
mocap animations to give more realism than ever before. An Ao with sexy poses & moves but not in a flirty attitude.

Let me try to explain the attitude: “I am sexy, you want me, but if you touch me, I will kill you!” (more or less xDD)

The AO is assembled on the newest Vista HUD with lots of new features like force arms, dances, face expressions, typing overrides….

(See description below)

Best description is an image, right? Watch YouTube video: 


Animations included: 

*-16 Mocap breathing stands 
*-7 walk animations 
*-1 Crouch and 1 crouch walk 
*-1 Pre jump, 4 jump, 1 landing, hard landing. 
*- flight, flight slow, up, down, fall, and 4 hovers 
*-3 ground sits and 4 sits (one of them stands up and sit again) 
*-Dive and float anims 
*-3 typing animation, (mocap talking animation) 
*-Lots of arms animations available from force arms menu 
*-6 dances preloaded

Go Marketplace or See item in Second Life



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