Firestorm Beta 2

As many of you have heard, V1 viewers including Phoenix will soon become broken and mostly unusable on the SL grid as LL begins to turn off server side functionality these viewers require. Fortunately there is Firestorm, our V2 based Viewer designed to be more user friendly for V1 users. Even more fortunate is that you currently have two choices, you can still use Phoenix for important things but we highly encourage you to try to get used to Firestorm in your spare time. This way when V1 and Phoenix becomes broken you’ll already have the knowledge and experience to switch to Firestorm full time without growing pains or interruptions in your daily SL activities. While Firestorm has been specifically designed to not interfere with any other viewers on your computer, older Firestorm installations may interfere with new Firestorm releases. If you have already installed a previous Firestorm version we highly urge you to do a clean install for each Firestorm Release Instructions here.

You can download firestorm from  downloads page.



Release notes:
Windows XP 32bit SP3 and XP 64bit SP2 or later are supported. Earlier versions of windows are not supported.
Mac PPC is not supported. Release 373 is the last version to support Mac OSX 10.4.




Beta 2 (16922)

Windows (LAA capable)

Mac OSX(10.5+):

Linux (32-bit):

xoxo 🙂


One Comment to “Firestorm Beta 2”

  1. I like Firestorm to take shadow photos, it’ll be better when they implement Depth of Field here too XD
    I’m not entirely used to Firestorm, but every day I try it a bit.

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