Just take me away…

♪♫ I try to make my way to you
But still i feel so lost
I don’t know what else I can do
I’ve seen it all
And it’s never enough
It keeps leaving me needing you

Take me away
Take me away
I’ve got nothing left to say
Just take me away ♪♫

When the Lotus made ​​a post with that blouse in your blog (HERE) it was love at firstsight, the first thing I did was run out and buy one, is a very beautiful blouse by bothcolors, the model and especially the texture of it, more since I bought it I could notcombine in any lotd, hoping thereby to a greener inspiration lol. Finally when I saw this release of The Secret Store I instantly remembered this shirt, and thought styles aredifferent, but why not? This short was a prize from last hunting seasons, so that has now been released in other colors and styles, it is worth to check it out, this hair is a launch of the Store * DURA * if I’m not mistaken it is unisex, is not it beautiful ? The store (AMD) launched the tb skin, her face is looking so sweet, it is one thing I lovein the skins (AMD). To give a final touch of diktator used the sandal, which was launched last one now that I can not say that is less than wonderful! Finally I turned to my favorite store for accessories, which always find an accessory for a price that fits well and even affordable! It is a simple look and i   hope you enjoy!
Skin: (AMD) GiGi – Vibrant (NEW)
Hair: **Dura-Boys&Girls**20
Shirt: ][AV][shirt ethnic green
Shorts: The Secret Store – Summer Hibi shorts – Green (NEW)
Necklace and earrings: GlamorizeSURPRISE JEWELRY SET
Shoes: [Diktator]-CHIC  (FISTACHIO-)
Poses: xbordeaux
Listening: Take me away – Lifehouse

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