Happy birthday to you love ♥

Ohai! Today is the anniversary of my mother and great friend Lotus! Happy birthday to you love ♥! We decided to celebrate in a different way, yeah! Making a post along with some members of our family, was an endurance test as it was with much lag and other setbacks, but it was quite fun and had lots of laughs! Being with you girls is always great! I love you girls!! Below the result of our fun celebration, hope you like .. To know what girls are wearing a look at your blog Second Ladies and BankruptBitch, I state clearly! Kisses!



Skins: R.icielli  RHEA

Hair: [LeLutka] -TOKYO hair/Dark Brunette

Bow: The Secret Store– Knitted hair bow – Yellow for Modavia Fashion Week boutique  (NEW)

Earrings: Indyra Originals (The Tropicalia Bazaar) (NEW)

Bracelets:  O s a k k i (Group Gift for Modavia)

Jacket: The Secret Store–  Kimono Coat – Bamboo/Phlox for Modavia Fashion Week boutique  (NEW)

Shirt: The Secret Store–  Cable Knit Bodysuit – Bamboo for Modavia Fashion Week boutique  (NEW)

Skirt: The Secret Store–  Pencil Skirt – Cedar for Modavia Fashion Week boutique  (NEW)

Socks: The Secret Store–  Lace knit socks – Black for Modavia Fashion Week boutique  (NEW)

Shoes: [LeLutka]-Pow-Black

Poses: Tea.



2 Responses to “Happy birthday to you love ♥”

  1. Love you so much!!♥

    obrigada, foi muito importante pra mim.


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