Girls Just Want To Have Fun



That’s all they really want
Some fun
When the working day is done
Girls– they wanna have fun
Oh girls just wanna have fun



Yay a collective post! I love to post collective is always so fun to do, it was proposed by danixinha, she showed us this video and asked us to do something in this proposal, and it was done, this post was great to do with the girls they are so fun many were the laughs! It was great to be part of it with them, hope we can do lots and lots! And I can not think of another song most appropriate for this post that! Kisses!

Mariana wearing:

Skin:  R.icielli  – EOS pale

Hair: R.icielli  –  hair attachment 03

Glasses: [DDL]Eyewear – Just Because… Sunglasses (New)

Necklaces[DDL]For God’s Sake! (New)

Earrings:  MONS / Earrings – eagle

Shirt: R.icielli  – BAMBI top /white

Jacket: The Boutique – Seam Detail Lambskin Jacket – Black (The Warehouse) 

Pants: Armidi – Brindisi Slacks – Bozu Pink  (The Warehouse) 

Belt: ~Pepper~   Loose Belt

Bracelets: Izzie’s  – Angular Bangles (New) (Gacha)

Gloves:Izzie’s  – Leather Gloves black


 Shoes:  N-core  FEMME 


To see what the girls are wearing them visit the blog! It’s worth!

From left to right:  Yume Cluny, Isabelli AnatineStephy MaldorDanixinha Babii and  Nuria Niven




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