Optional Phoenix Viewer Mesh Update!!

When I saw this news I was crazy! How to view Phoenix mesh well? wow! I am a person who is terrified of change, so I can not get used to the viewer 2, has already installed several viewers and no one really pleased me, was always swallowed by lag and everything was terribly hard to load, I left very frustrated when it appeared the mesh, I could see so far not mesh satisfactorily, the phoenix was always my favorite viewer which runs better on my computer, not hitherto appeared no viewer could make me abandon him, and I’ve given up mesh to see, because then when I saw this news today that the phoenix hadan updated version mesh was super excited, I just download this version and it workedvery well my happiness! I was very happy as a child who won a nice Christmas present. More from what I understand in the notice that the developer of the phoenix left the site (see here) it does not make many more improvements in phoenix, its focus remains the Firestorm, which made me a bit upset because I still had hope of the phoenix can view several layers of alpha : (  Good for all who are more passionate about the phoenix as Ienjoy and download this new update, and just good fun!
 xoxo 🙂

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