Unlike me


You move and change
Yet you go nowhere
Everything stays the same
You stare at me
And ask me questions
Makes me nervous
This room it keeps a constant tone
While I’m on a roller coaster



Well yesterday I was reading an article on a blog that I really like, is called “What I Like” by Shopping Cart Disco blog, this blog is a session in which she takes some photos of what she likes and explains why such a photo please it, because I love her look so fantastically why she likes the photos is fascinating, and reading this column yesterday I came across something she wrote that I liked a lot, and I confess that I find myself constantly thinking about it, here’s what she said ..  “The great fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes once said “The work is its own reward.” Truer words were never spoken – if you’re a blogger or photographer in Second Life. We have to take hold of those moments of quiet satisfaction when our photos turn out the way we envision them or when we publish a blog post that we are particularly proud of. That is our reward, doing something we love and doing it well. There are other rewards, like, faves and comments, but they are rare. For someone who gets so excited and pleased by comments as I do, I have to confess to being terrible about giving them myself. I have to change this small hypocrisy and resolve to comment more often – because I know how very discouraging it is to work for several hours and publish something and get no response. When I read other bloggers voicing their own frustration at lack of recognition and hear them wondering if they make a difference and even considering quitting, I have to acknowledge my part in never telling them how much they make a difference or me. So my resolution is that from now one I will try to make two comments a day. That’s not much time at all. I can do something that small and easy. (So long as I can read the CAPCHA!) Perhaps you have favorite photographers and bloggers, too, whose work you admire and you have not said so. Is it worth a minute or so of your time to tell them so and remind them that their work is valued? Would you miss them if they quit, discouraged by lack of vocal support and encouragement? If so, why not take a little time and tell them so?”
Well it expresses well the way I think, on how to be blogger today has become fashionable and most people think is easy, so it’s win things and post at least not for me .. Being a blogger is really like for those who put their energy and feeling it, so even if you say like some work of some blogger, if you wonder, saaay.. that makes all the difference! xoxo:)

Skin: #67 With Love (again) From… ATOMIC (Hunt) 10l

Hair: >TRUTH< Clara

Eyes: R.icielli – EOSv2 eyes #4 (New)

Shirt:  (Kunglers) Amelia – Copper printed (New)

Jacket:  Izzie’s  – Suede Blazer black (New)

Skirt: MONS / Skirt / icon – shine (New)

Legging:  (Kunglers) Silvana – glittered legging – garnet (New)

Bracelets: [MANDALA] LOTUS Chain Bracelet&Hand ring/DEEP RED

Bag:  Fleshtone::TheHuntingtonBag [Red] (New)

Necklace: { Magenta } Spirits from the Forest  TTBII (New)

Shoes:  Maai ” Sugar ” buckled heels, black (New)

Poses: 1-  Maai  Fly Lily ! poses” coming soon “

             2-  STaTUS Pose Snail GROUP GIFT



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