Launch -VISTA ANIMATIONS-The Boss Extended Edition




Welcome to  new male AO “THE BOSS”. A new Ao full of real and natural animations. Playing with the hands on pockeds and folded arms in a natural way avoiding the over exited, adrenaline and testosteronic look comon on male aos. 
Just cool, natural and calm man way.

Again we used the breathing feature on our stands to gave them a extra realism, also on sits and grounds.

-EXTENDED EDITION a total of 43 brand new animations with 17 existing vista ones more force arms anims. A total of 60 animations!

-New anims:18 stands, 6 walks, croch walk, crouch, 4 sit, 3sitground, 3 hover, flight, flightup/down, landing, 2 dances, 1 typing 
-From previous relises: figthtslow, fall, 2turns, 3typing, 2 dances, 5 jumps, 1 hardlanding, 2 run

Attitude nuances elegible using LOAD button on the extended version: CALM, MOVED OR ALL(VISTA AO)

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