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6 de março de 2012

Newss in Diva Store!!

YAY! New releases of shapes for you! Several releases for everyone! Special editions,shapes men, women, teens! Worth checking out!

 Diva Store












 TP Diva Store

20 de janeiro de 2012

Newss in Diva Store!!


Hello dear!!

I bring several news for you!
First, new year new life right? With the Diva Store is no different, the store has new facilities, so even a new main store in another location, run there to check!

New Mainstore Diva Store


Also new, the store is participating in the hunt ” “Where in Second Life is the Concert?”

The prize is this beautiful shape shown below, beautiful! Run! 

More information about the hunt HERE


And now the latest release of DIVA STORE! Luxury Collection!!








New Mainstore Diva Store



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